Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Rightfully fashion tribute to my jazz queen the late Amy Winehouse. She'll be remembered and her "Valerie" & "Back to Black" will keep repeating in my iTunes that's for sure.

That beehive is unmistakable, that cat-eye, coal black liner, those heavy, wavy weave down to the side. There's no-one like her. You believe all those words, all those pain, all those sorrow that she cries in her songs. Like a friend, begging for a shoulder to cry, on your couch, opening up and telling you everything. Somehow, it's like you are the part of the stories -unwillingly.

Coco Rocha Chanel Pre-Fall 2008

Numero 84

Adriana Lima, LOVE Spring 2009.

Isabeli Fontana , VOGUE Paris, February 2008

Those, will be remembered.

Erman Marzukie