Monday, December 29, 2008


Still in Hollywood!! Will be posting soon!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS........ Vman Model Search

Surprise. Yes. It`s a TIE. Between CJ and Jake. They are both winners. *LITERALLY. Well, looks like you guys guess it right. Congratulations to both and cant wait for them to be on the cover of Vman Spring Issue on sale Feb 19th.

I was born to two English parents living in Alexandria, Virginia, which makes me a dual citizen. I go to high school in Alexandria.


What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to just kick back and watch a good soccer match or play in one for my school team. I also enjoy just hanging out with my friends and doing normal stuff like going to parties or staying in and watching a good movie.

How would you describe your personal style?
Pretty casual. Most of the time you’ll catch me in a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. However, I like dressing up every once in awhile.

What are your five favorite songs on your iPod right now?
“Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service, “Bryn” by Vampire Weekend, “Naïve” by the Kooks, “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, and “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

Who is your greatest hero?
Apart from my mum and dad, my greatest hero has got to be Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a great footballer and I love that when whole stadiums are giving him stick he just mans up, and it fuels him to play better. Plus he’s just a cool guy and a real trendsetter.

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
It’s hard to label just one part as my favorite, but the haircut was pretty cool, and it was also really great working with such an amazing crew and trying on all the clothing.

Why do you want to be a model?
I hadn't really thought of being a model until someone told me that I would be great for it. Now though, I would love to be a model because I really can't think of anything cooler than seeing yourself on billboards, shopping bags, and magazines. The traveling and photo shoots with beautiful girls factors into the equation as well.

I’m 17 years old and I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m finishing up high school. I have one brother and four sisters. My house is like a rave—loud, with tons of energy. I LOVE IT!


What do you like to do in your free time?
Play basketball, work out, hang with my friends and family, make people laugh, pop popcorn, and terrorize my brother Jackson.

How would you describe your personal style?
Vintage mixed with tailored. A great pair of perfectly distressed jeans with my favorite tee and an amazing sweater.

What are your five favorite songs on your iPod right now?
I love music and my iPod is full of songs that remind me of different points in my life. The most recent was Thanksgiving with a giant crazy family all trying to learn the single ladies dance for our annual family competition. Last year it was a game of horse in the snow. Others include “Love Story,” “One Is the Loneliest Number,” “Dirty Diana,” “Whatever You Like,” and anything Coldplay.

Who is your greatest hero?
My dad. The man has worked like a horse to make sure all six of us have a great life. He inspires me to care about the people that matter, stay level-headed, and work to my fullest potential. I love him.

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
Working with everyone was an amazing experience. They were all so professional, engaging, and fun. I learned so much.

Why do you want to be a model?
The opportunity to meet creative and talented people, and what the experience could bring, as well as the travel and the chance to jump into an amazing designer suit purely for the fun.

Do you guys agree with the result?? I am. It tells that if you have to choose between 2 really good things, why choose? Just have `em both? *LOL. That`s what I always do when I go shop and it makes me broke. -it`s not a good thing y`all. Btw, I`m flying to somewhere warm -Los Angeles tomorrow for Christmas and New Year. Really excited to check out the shop and surely I`m gonna enjoy myself there. Have fun.

p/s: All the pictures and interviews are from: Vman.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Tuesday, 16th . Belstaff Spring/Summer 2009

According to Belstaff Spring/Summer 2009 runway show, Taffeta is back. The shiny fabric made an appearance at the runway show in the shades of black, deep blue, green, red and khaki. It`s a breath of a fresh air where we saw a lot of leather and impeccable tailored suits for the last few seasons. This is obviously for active , rough, outdoor kind of gentlemen who still want to do all thing dangerous and dirty while keeping themselves in style.

As for me, I wore my favorite taffeta black jacket with yellow and red stripes at the side by Vivre with a detachable fur-collar from other jacket because it`s still winter here in Tokyo though the spring/summer 2009 show was like 2 months ago. Keep it sleek with Jean Paul Gaultier glove and black ankle high boots and blue jeans by Levi`s. When I wear blue jeans I always love to pair it with a standout color belt like in this case a red metal-trimmed belt because it somehow make your body proportion looks good. Your upper body and lower body kind of separated and you know exactly where your lower body started thus make you legs look longer.


ERman: Editor at Large, Fashion Tips

Kris Van Asche

“The Spring/Summer 2009 collection revolves around the idea of wearing a suit to the beach; I imagined how surfers would wear a suit. I continue to play with the idea of using classic menswear elements and making them relevant and wearable for today’s sportswear generation.” –Kris Van Assche
  1. When you are in doubt, just throw on a nice expensive-look leather jacket over anything from crisp shirt to prints tee and you're good to go.
  2. Faded blue jeans and white sneakers always work. But how about an ankle high boots to spice things up a little bit once in a while?
  3. If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear ONE extra item. Pair of gloves, accessories, or man-bag always work. Or keep it simple yet expensive such as a high-end scarf, statement shiny patent shoes, or studded belt.
  4. If you buy a jacket, make sure it fits and falls exactly above your waistline so it will make your chest look broader and your legs look longer.
  5. If you are buying a really expensive suit, opt for a classic shape that gives a man a strong shoulder, a fitted waist, and long legs. Simple is the best.
  6. Mixing a pattern together could be hard. Just dont overthink it. Patterns, plaids and stripes used to clash but they are not now.
  7. Details. It's all about details. If you are choosing a simple tee, make sure it have really good prints or shiny details such as studs or beads.
  8. If you want to invest in a pair of cool shades or sunglasses, make sure it's classic cut. A pair of aviator is always a good choice since it will define every bone and shape of your face.
  9. Be creative on your choices of texture and fabrics. If you're wearing denim bottoms, try to avoid denim jacket or if you're wearing knit sweater, avoid knit scarf. Just be creative.
  10. Girls. If you're going out on a date, first thing to look up on your man are his watch and his shoes. If he wears a good expensive watch, then you know what it means and if he wears a nice clean pair of shoes, it shows that he is a hygienist.

“While designing the Spring 2009 men’s collection, the band MGMT’s music and irreverent style provided a synergy for the tropical, freestyle approach to dressing that I wanted.”
–Frida Giannini

Do you have any fashion tips that you want to share?? Share with us!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

VMAN Ford model search

The four finalists of the VMAN Ford Model Search take a second with photographer JD Ferguson. Stay tuned for news of the winner and a glimpse of the cover story for VMAN13!

Photography by JD Ferguson.

Michael, 16. , Illinois

Jake, 16, Ohio

CJ, 16 Virginia

Aiden, 20, New York

Who's going to win? Gentle readers..tell me!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, 15th Junya Watanabe

Today's inspiration is from Junya Watanabe Fall 2008. It was a very smart preppy-college look with striped blazer jacket but keeping it casual with a faded rolled-up blue jeans and a sneak of argyle high socks..

"There was a sense of a buttoned-down-fit-to-burst individual in outfits as tense as a shrunken navy jacket worn with a shirt in a banker's stripe and a college tie. It was very Thom Browne-does-Tokyo. But equally, the clothes had a twisted preppiness that was the latest expression of the merry hell Junya plays with American dress codes. So glen plaid slacks boasted carpenter's loops, and a blazer sported the sleeves of a baseball jacket." -Tim Blanks GQ.

It's Monday. Started the week wearing a little formal 2 buttons blue jacket by Levi's with red lining and red stitches that it looks really cool if worn over a contrast white shirt with pleated details on the front chest. Paired down with loose fitted faded blue jeans also by Levi's with rolled-up cuff showing an argyle print high socks. Never really like the rolled-up style since I dont have the longest pair of legs and it makes your shoes kind of 'vulnerable' unless you really have a great pair of shoes that you want to show in this case my wine colored Oxford shoes by Michael Antonio. I'm starting to like the nonchalant feel of it though. Bright red silk tie tied conservatively and a simple black top hat. A vintage leather bag is always a good accessorize to complete the preppy-college look.


Sunday, 14th Ann Demeulemeester

It's a crazy fur fiesta at the Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2008 runway show in Paris. Rows of Mongolian lamb coats and jackets. It's overwhelming. Ann Demeulemesster is famous for her complicated layering technics and it definitely shows and the fleece was sheared and manipulated in artful ways. The same airy movement was duplicated by the fringing spilling from pockets, dripping from hat brims. And the collection’s defining piece—a waistcoat with a big crimped collar—acted as a flattering frame for the face.

I was trying to duplicate the look with this earthy-brown jacket with faux-fur lining. (It was very heavy) and completed the whole Ann Demeulemeester look with a fur stole that I bought in London. Tied in the two together with Versace studded belt and was wearing Jean Paul Gaultier fingerless gloves. Aviator is from Gucci. Plaid blue pants are from Zara worn with a vintage well-worn boots and vintage leather bag as a contrast to the total rough look. It is once again a very couture look but I'm happy with it. Totally gonna wear it when the weather is getting colder in January.


American Apparel

For those of you who reside in Japan, check this out. American Apparel's online retail store is open. At left is Fine Jersey Double Breasted Cardigan which look good worn over a simple crisp shirt and at right is Slim Slack that worn with the infamous Converse's Chuck Taylor.

There are also variety of cute items for girls too. As seen on left, Melange Jersey Funnel Neck Shift Dress in navy and on right is my favorite, this season 'IT' material: Satin. Unisex Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket. It gives the out-of-bed-I-dont-care feel to your total look. S.E.X.Y

Go and happy shopping!! American Apparel


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fara, Tokyo.

Fara, 22 year old, student.

High waist black/white stripe skirt from American Apparel give the illusion of longer and slimmer lower body. Black scoop-neckline top from Uni Qlo, jacket from E.A.P, black suede monogram bag with gold details is from Gucci, the combination of sheer black thigh worn with patent black pumps by Precieux Jouet from Ginza make the legs look endless. Gold double layer necklace is from Diva.


Saturday ,13th John Galliano/ Gucci

Today`s inspirations are both from John Galliano Fall 2008 runway and Gucci Fall 2008 runway show . Forget the berret, it`s so Galliano but in love with fur-trimmed gray knitwear worn loosely by the model at the left. Keeping the monotonous fall color, the knit wrap was worn with brown-ish button up sweater and gray loose pants with details on the knees. Gucci on the right is a long coat with shiny fur-trimmed around the collar, worn with more formal gray pants, same color button up shirt and patent boots. It gives a mysterious yet chic feel at the same time. Very European.

It was raining and windy outside. I was wearing a knitted fur-trimmed long outer coat/wrap by Agate, note the cap sleeves that give it a couture/space age effect on the total look. Worn with gray crisp shirt and pants both from Zara, black vest from Topshop and silver leather tie that I found at Hanjiro. Studded bag is from Zara. It`s a little couture, even for me. But I love the total look and definitely will wear the total look again.


Friday , 12th

This is Shibuya at night. Full of life. Neon everywhere. Thousands and thousand chic and trendy people crossing around it left you feel a little bit overwhelmed by this overly busy and modern city. There was a live concert by Funky Monkey Babies in front of Shibuya Apple Store and it was broadcasted live on the big screen at the famous Shibuya junction.

It was Friday and I was wearing gray shirt by Zara,
shades by Gucci, skinny satin black tie tied as a ribbon, checkered red/black sweater by Morgan, studded belt by Versace, plaid double breasted pea coat and skinny burgundy/wine jeans from Hanjiro, wine colored ankle boots by Agate and vintage leather woven bag.


Sonia, Tokyo.

Sonia. Student. 19 year-old.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Remember what I wore in the last post? I`ve stumble upon this photo while browsing at The Sartorialist and look at this girl wearing navy/black band/military jacket and simply throwing on gray ethnic scarf. *Mine was a navy jacket with green ethnic scarf. Accessorized with layers and layers of gold chain necklace that is so `IN this season, belted gray knee length dress worn over sheer tights and cute pair of gray booties. Love the crocodile leather bag.

Fashion with no boundaries.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, 11th Dolce&Gabbana

In love with the jockey boots trend that has been going crazy this past runway seasons and decided to jump in the wagon. Taking Dolce & Gabbana Fall runway shots as an inspiration, just a simple classic cut jockey boots worn over denim while keeping the silhouette simple by putting on fit leather jacket, accessories such as long scarf / woven bag. Love the simple silhouette head to toe and the total masculine look.

Putting on my favorite military/band jacket with rolled-up sleeves, love the contrast of the green and deep blue. All is vintage and from Hanjiro.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8th Ralph Lauren

It's Monday. Decided to go a little bit formal today and taking this gorgeous preppy look from Ralph Lauren Fall 2006 as an inspiration. Well, short double breasted pea coat havent been on the runway for the past few seasons and the last appearance was from Burberry Prossum 2007
but it was knee length colored double breasted coat worn with skinny belt. I believe this look will make a new appearance on the next seasons. Well, you know it's a cycle. Gray tailored sharp double breasted pea coat, blue scarf, structured vintage leather bag and a nice pair of with loafers. It's a total Ralph Lauren preppy look.

DB pea coat: Comme Ca
Scarf: Fendi
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Vivre


Sunday, December 7th Marc Jacobs

Today is a bright and sunny Sunday but the wind is kind of crazy. Taking this Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 as an inspiration, this is what I had threw on during the day. Just a simple leather jacket that I bought at London worn over a striped shirt with loose skinny tie. I dont usually let my shirt out because well..I dont have the longest pair of legs, but how the cropped leather jacket fell nicely above my waistline and the contrast of the length with the shirt make it looks ok. Keep the color block simple with deep blue patent bag, blue plaid pants and wine color oxford style shoes that I forgot that I have.

Leather jacket: Zara
Pants: Comme Ca.
Shoes: Michael Antonio
Bag: Be' Boys
Striped shirt: Topman