Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hot spot

This is Ginza. A high-end upscale shopping street ala Oxford St in London or Soho in New York. Had a great fun strolling around checking out high-end boutiques after long hours at the embassy. Was there alone so got nobody to snap my photos in action.So for now, enjoy the photos.

The main street of Ginza. Traffic was heavy with yellow cabs and private cars and hundreds people crossing around.

Brooks Brothers. Inspiring.

H&M in Ginza. The price is really great and affordable. Planning to come again. Definitely with my entourage. *so they can hold my shopping bags.

This is Yokohama, where I live. This building have 8 floors and hundreds of small outlets/boutiques inside it. Mostly of a well known Japanese brand that you cant buy outside of Japan.

My favorite thrift shop called Hanjiro. Full of mirrors. Narcissist??

Love the interior. Chandeliers and mirrors along the stairs to the 2nd floor of the shop where usually a good stuff is well hidden behind the rack.

This is where I do my runway walk on auto-pilot mode.

Look at those stuff. can you blame me for going to this place almost every weekend??

Dont like the style. Who`s the stylist?? Shoot `em.



Anonymous said...

babe! this ginza place is uber awesome! would love to hit that place soon! so how's e visa thingie going?

fidanuar said...

dude, welcome to 'another' blogging world! i know you are soo good at this, keep up the good work!

fashionista, GO!