Monday, August 17, 2009

Denim Shirt. -Fashion Week

The question is.. Will you wear a denim a shirt? not as a jacket or outer wear? Just as a shirt? Take a look at these stylish European strutting on the street wearing nothing but a denim shirt and a khakis.

* Sebastian from Stockholm Street Style.

Men from The Sartorialist.



John said...

I like the first one, yeah I'd wear it!

ERman said...

yeah. and European never leave their 'neck' scarf don't they. =)

John said...

OMG never!

bradley mendoza said...

oh gosh! so nice..but its so not wearable in KL...u know...the weather..

but i wonder whether denim shirt can compliment my body well....dammit...wht d u reckon

ERman said...

well as the post said, not as a jacket. wear it as your shirt. Will appear lighter.