Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana Ad Campaigns

I always love Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns. EVERY season. There are just a certain amount of ambiguity in it, that make me wanting more, the curiosity in me made me dying to see behind-the-scene photos and photos that did not make it to prints. These are some of the ad campaigns for the past few seasons. Enjoy.

Editor at Large


bradley mendoza said...

wow! i love the ad where the guys are like walking over with those scarfs on em...HOT

and also the steel like ad...thts fierce!

ERman said...

I like the first one. Silver feel to it. And those hunky guys walking around in fierce pattern shirts and shorts with chiffon scarfs blowing from their neck is beyond words!!

CHICMUSE said...


Anonymous said...

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