Friday, January 30, 2009

Angelina Jolie Max Azria dress

News about Angelina Jolie wearing her Max Azria cornflower blue flowy gown backward during the recent Screen Actors Guild Award is making a buzz in blogsphere and fashion world alike. So what if she decided to wear it backward and showing off her tattoos on her back which I think is super sexy and I love. There is no rules in fashion that say this is the front and this is the back. I sometimes wear my clothes backward. Spice it up a little bit and have a new cloth!!

By the way I still in love with the olive green Max Azria long gown that she wear at the Cannes Film Festival 2008 while still heavily pregnant with the best men-cessorize in tow, actor husband Brad Pitt!! She is the epitome of beauty and sexy that makes every pregnant women in the world green with envy.


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