Friday, February 6, 2009

John Galliano Fall 2009

For a over-the-top runway fashion shows, John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owen and Alexander McQueen are the designers to go. And recently Number (N)ine with their chains dangling, headgear and layers and layers of fabric. But John Galliano is a legend and in a class of his own.
For the Fall 2009, he sent his male models down the red velvet runway in a teeny tiny underwear paired with garters!! Yes..You heard me right. GARTERS for guys! With Slumdog Millionaire playing in the background, the models un-ashamedly and confidently do their things with heavy make-up, wigs, ribbons, shoes and thigh high socks. Definitely something that you shoudn't try at home unless you have the physic to pull it off and inside the four walls!!

Do you like it my female readers?!



rajipie said...

frivolity i could do without.

Dominica said...

Very much so !
In fact, my husband bought a pair of Galliano underwear (briefs) 2 weeks ago ...
He tried them on last weekend and said they feeled like a second skin...
So - if YOU like them, go for them !