Friday, February 6, 2009

What I wear

Just a simple bronze clean cut jacket with satin lapel from Hanjiro worn over an olive V neck sweater from Comme Ca that I love so much, and a Zara gray shirt tied perfectly with a simple black bow tie. Simple yet classy.

Had fun playing with Poladroid. Give it a try. You gonna love it!!



dreamofreality said...

i really like your gloves, and the color of your sweater.

by the way, i like your blog.


Dominica said...

Poladroid is awesome !
Love the 3rd picture = great pose !
And not to forget, your outfit rocks !

ERman said...

Yeah Sz.. I love my sweater too. The color is brilliant in real live.

Indeed..Poladroid is awesome!! Gonna play with it some more!