Monday, October 12, 2009

Lindsay Lohan, Paris

There were lots of bashing and bad-talking since the recent Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 RTW show that was held at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Partly, because it was Lindsay Lohan who was assigned as a 'artistic adviser' for Ungaro *i don't know who made that call. Maybe Mounir Moufarrige was drunk dialing her and before he realizes, it was already too late...Or mostly because it was seriously a really horrible show.. Cheesy, trying to hard I must say. Heart-shaped pasties?? on your chest?? Come on Lindsay!!

BTW, I LOVE the FENDI knee high boots she's wearing at the recent outing in Paris!! I WANT!! It's really on-your-face kind of boots with the brand's studded emblem is as big as your palms -put together.

"Rest assured, fashion skeptic: The collection was truly, deeply horrible. While snobbery did play a role in the reviews, it was only a supporting role. " - Josh Patner for talking about was the collection really that horrible? Or was Lindsay Lohan just the victim of fashion snobbery?

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Photo by: Just Jared

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