Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tokio Hotel - Bill Kaulitz.

German band Tokio Hotel lead singer, Bill Kaulitz bringing androgynous fashion to a new level. Spotted here picking up some clothes at Rick Owen showroom in Paris.





Tons of hairspray and hundreds of dollars emo cut: checked
Oversized big shades: checked
Heavy guyliner: checked
Shiny patent leather jacket: checked
Fingerless leather gloves: checked
Blue/gray nail polish: checked
Superskinny jeans: checked
5 inches heels black boots: checked.  <--- **die**

Adam Lambert is so pale in comparison...and yes, they are mainstream. VERY.

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Editor at Large


bradley mendoza said... screams erman marzuki.......

with tht said..u shud already know whts best for you and think hard on becoming a different person both physically and aesthetically...just my 2 cents...

but yeah i agree with you on him taking androgyny to the next level...

p/s: i missed my oversized chanel sunnies....i had to make do with my armani aviator instead for the wedding...

and halloween weekend...dont u dare give me the "i_dont_feel_like_goin_out" shit...u know u owe me a weekend out! hahahaha

bradley mendoza said...

oo btw....this guy is german and str8...refers to Perez tweet!

Rissa K. said...

Bill Kaulitz stirs my pot. Everytime. He's not handsome--he's BEAUTIFUL.
Thank you for this post!


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