Monday, January 12, 2009

Top 10 key looks for Spring 2009

Hi gentle readers. I know it's kind of months late. But these are the picks for Top 10 key looks of Spring 2009 based on Men

1. The pajamas. It made it's debut on the runway a few season back in Dolce & Gabbana and still here on the runway making it's mark. Its obviously for guys with confident, elegant, know-what-I`m-doing attitude to pull it off on the street during the day, top it with classic blazer and newspaper in hand. Bottega Veneta Spring 2009

2. Indian/Oriental influences. Bright flashing colors and rhinestones are not for sari anymore. Bright ethnic hue such as purple, emerald, pink, green had made their way to the runway. And the fabric had gone more flashy than ever with metallic shiny finish, taffeta and silk. Giorgio Armani Spring 2009.

3. Fading/gradient pattern. Made its debut on Prada a few season back. But mostly on shoes and handbag. But the illusion-eye-catching pattern made its way on the dresses and surprisingly mens wear too!! To me, it's one of the 'seasonal' thing that might look good this season but maybe not next season. By Givenchy Spring 2009.

4. Preppy retro look. Fashion is just a cycle. Now it's back!! The preppy blazer, checkered pattern, plaids even the supermodels made their way back to the glossy runway!! the best way to wear this look is, keep it simple as much as you can, with just shirt, pattern/strip blazer, cuffed pants, really vintage hat and genuine leather retro bag. By Junya Watanabe Spring 2009.

5. All white. There are saying out there that you cannot pretty much wear white after 4th of July but listen.. screw them. You can wear what you want what you please these days!! Look at this clean cut, airy feeling. It's approachable, clean and simple! By Kilgour Spring 2009.

6.Pink . Pink dont usually equal masculinity but in recent runways you can see that pink its definitely dominating compare to other colors. Just look at John Galliano's runway. It's crazy. Guys who are confidence enough with his masculinity and having no problem at all wearing pink is the twisted 'in' thing this season. By Louis Vuitton Spring 2009.

7. Micro pattern. Yes, like I said before, pattern is back. It's not on your necktie anymore. On your shirt, blazer, pants, jacket. Expect to see a lot of them coming and dont act surprise because I dont want to be the one who tell you 'I told you so'. By Moschino.

8. The wide stripes. It gives the illusion 'taller' to the one who wearing it. Definitely improving your body posture, make you look elegant, sophisticated and confident. It's very European. By Paul Smith Spring 2009.

9. Low scoop/boat neck. It's not for everyone. Totally for tall, lanky, slim guys with broad shoulders and long neck. To keep it simple, pretty much every male model you see on the runway these days!! But it looks good paired with clean cut blazer. Yes. Men are the new women. By Prada.

10. Cuff shorts. Yes. Cuff is on trend. I dont know what happened, but you can spice up your whatever-there in your wardrobe and make it this season by adding cuff to it. By Versace Spring 2009.

Tell me gentle readers. What is your favorite?
You can check the full runway look at Men



miki said...

good summery erman

i currently study @ bunka.
i think u have heard it once. how bout u?
are u japanese? cause ur english really perfect.

ERman said...

Thanks Miki. No I'm not. ;)

Endoru said...

One vote for preppy retro look. :)

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