Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I wear

Runway inspired outfit. Cinched waist for guys is M.A.J.O.R. Jump into the look with Zara wide earth colors belt worn over a puffy shiny black down jacket. scrap fabric black scarf, knee high jockey boots with metal buckle and skinny jeans. The aviator glasses totally tied in the look perfectly!!

You love the look? Would you wear it outside? Is it too much for you guys out there?
Thank God I am in Tokyo. Anything is possible! =D

p/s: Shout out to Ayako Sawaguchi, my friend in Kansas..I Miss you!!



Anonymous said...

hey,..where is ur jacket bought in LA? wear laaa!!!i wanna see!

bridget said...

um, i LOVE this look. its never too much when experimenting with fashion. very daring! keep it up.


bradley mendoza said...

hey..man u look awesome...love the jacket and belt but never tot u were this skinny, eat up... u need more meat on those chicken legs hahahahah

do some squats dear...it gives u the definition u need...and it helps to accentuate ur bumms too..LOL

ur personal trainer!

Dominica said...

Tokyo is great ! Seen it only on pictures ; I have one lucky bastard of a husband that travels to Japan (Tokyo) often !!
Could live there too I guess ...
Love the coat !