Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chanel Spring 2010 RTW by Karl Lagerfeld

Androgynous. This is the true meaning of the word androgynous. It's not when a girl wearing boys clothes and look like a boy, or boys wearing girls clothes and look like a girl.

It's when a girl wearing the exact same clothes like the boys but still maintaining her grace and femininity or boy wearing the exact same clothes like the girl but still holding strong to his masculinity while oozing the same charisma and self-confident.

This, again proved by the legend of fashion ambiguity himself the great Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Spring 2010 RTW show recently held at soaring glass dome of Grand Palais, Paris for Paris Fashion Week. A great friend of Yves Saint Laurent who single handedly revolutionized how women dress in the mid 70's. As model by Baptiste Giabiconi (DNA) and Freja Beha Erichsen, the word 'unisex' will never be the same again.

Still holding their own gender identity while oozing the same amount of masculinity / femininity even wearing the same clothes with exact detailing and embroidery. Somehow it proves the saying "It's not what you are wearing, but how you wearing them."

Approved by the master himself. Karl Lagerfeld for the final bow. The show was truly dramatic inspired by Marie Antoinette's Petit Hameau farm at Versailles with big tall barn erected right in the center of the dome, with dirt, hay and rooster cocking around. With Lily Allen and the band and 2 backup singers/models serenading lines of editors, buyers and fashionistas and not to forget the wannabes, it was Karl Lagerfeld's show after all.

p.s: I want the whole look of the first pic. Skin-tight jeans with gold embroidered navy blue jacket and double breasted inner vest.

p.s.s; It's truly a great year for male model Baptiste Giabiconi. He is the male version of Gisele Bundchen. He has been the muse for Karl Lagerfeld and his editorial spread for Purple Magazine was shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. If it was me, I could die the next day smiling. Take a peek here and here. This one is for Wallpaper Magazine. When I say peek, then you should really peek. It was artfully vulgar.

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John Aguilar said...

Well said..and doesn't Baptiste just do it!!

ERman said...

Yes indeed. in high heels and giraffe print pyjamas? brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

pic 1 screams erman!!!!

ERman said...

Lol. Thanks. I need that jacket. NOW!!