Friday, December 19, 2008

ERman: Editor at Large, Fashion Tips

Kris Van Asche

“The Spring/Summer 2009 collection revolves around the idea of wearing a suit to the beach; I imagined how surfers would wear a suit. I continue to play with the idea of using classic menswear elements and making them relevant and wearable for today’s sportswear generation.” –Kris Van Assche
  1. When you are in doubt, just throw on a nice expensive-look leather jacket over anything from crisp shirt to prints tee and you're good to go.
  2. Faded blue jeans and white sneakers always work. But how about an ankle high boots to spice things up a little bit once in a while?
  3. If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear ONE extra item. Pair of gloves, accessories, or man-bag always work. Or keep it simple yet expensive such as a high-end scarf, statement shiny patent shoes, or studded belt.
  4. If you buy a jacket, make sure it fits and falls exactly above your waistline so it will make your chest look broader and your legs look longer.
  5. If you are buying a really expensive suit, opt for a classic shape that gives a man a strong shoulder, a fitted waist, and long legs. Simple is the best.
  6. Mixing a pattern together could be hard. Just dont overthink it. Patterns, plaids and stripes used to clash but they are not now.
  7. Details. It's all about details. If you are choosing a simple tee, make sure it have really good prints or shiny details such as studs or beads.
  8. If you want to invest in a pair of cool shades or sunglasses, make sure it's classic cut. A pair of aviator is always a good choice since it will define every bone and shape of your face.
  9. Be creative on your choices of texture and fabrics. If you're wearing denim bottoms, try to avoid denim jacket or if you're wearing knit sweater, avoid knit scarf. Just be creative.
  10. Girls. If you're going out on a date, first thing to look up on your man are his watch and his shoes. If he wears a good expensive watch, then you know what it means and if he wears a nice clean pair of shoes, it shows that he is a hygienist.

“While designing the Spring 2009 men’s collection, the band MGMT’s music and irreverent style provided a synergy for the tropical, freestyle approach to dressing that I wanted.”
–Frida Giannini

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bradley mendoza said...

on ur 10 tips:

1. defo - eyeing on one as we speak... thank god payday is comin!! FAST!

2. white sneakers - a must have! i dont know if i can pull ankle high boots...wht d u think erman?

3. how abt shiny pendants or necklace?? burn just got his silver shoes, its awesome, PERIOD!!

4. uhuh

5. BOSS or armani...

6. im still lookin for tht plaid me out ppl..

7. i love shiny prints!

8. one word. GUCCI

9. i spent 2 years in college wearing denim jacket and abt disaster...

10. good tip..doesnt apply for malaysian men tho... if u know wht im sayin...

my only fashion tip ...flaunt it if u have it.... to men wearin very low V-necks.... pls shave...PERIOD!

ERman said...

Good call dude!! Indeed Low V-necks is 'IN' this season!! Take the advice!!

Freddy Style said...

first thing to look up on your man are his watch and his shoes

Good advice!!!
thx erman