Friday, December 5, 2008


It`s Friday. Dont WANT to go to school today. Thinking of doing all the work at the comfort of my room and ice-cream. Yeah.. ice-cream. Woke up early as usual and had a quick dash to grab lunch. Today is a very bright and windy day, so taking it all in, I`m feeling flowy today, so threw on a loose long cardigan over a loose gray t-shirt with rhinestone details on it. LOVE the t-shirt, did cut the neckline to V neck so it will have more relax and effortless vibe that I want to achieve. My favorite long black jersey scarf, aqua colored stone necklace to give the essemble some needed colors, Levi`s 501 loose fit jeans over a brown shoes. *I haven`t worn loose fit jeans for ages. I should start alternating my pants.

Cardigan & T-shirt : Zara
Scarf: Hanjiro
Necklace: Malaika
Steel belt: Vivre
Loose jeans: Levi`s
Shoes: Nike

Look how good it looks when it flows. Wind blowing and love the effortless effect it gave.

Today`s inspirations came from Burberry Prossum Spring 2009 show. Christopher Bailey has really outdone himself. I`m such a big fan of his work. Laid-back, chic yet sophisticated look. For his latest collection, he imagined the late artist/filmmaker Derek Jarman in his garden at Dungeness, a hardscrabble stretch of English seaside perched next to a nuclear reactor. So there was a floppy Panama hat like Jarman’s, prints that looked like raindrops or mud splotches, and a dour color palette that ran a gamut of moss, stone, peat, bark, and pewter.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2009 as seen on a runway model.

Christopher Bailey, the designer for Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009 take a side bow at the finale of his show. *lol.

p/s: I need to update my pants-wardrobe since I`ve been living in my jeans for the last couple of months...and oxford style shoes too.



bradley mendoza said...

funny how great minds think alike, i was at lunch with burn just now and we were talkin abt this blog of urs... and i was like...

"it seemed like erman is hitting a plateau...the fashion seemed monotonous..."


well sorry hunny but the fashion world is everything but nice... its cruel, nail biting and harsh... so anyways...u featured a lot of skinny jeans and boots lately... so tht has to change... i was suggesting more colors..maybe sumthing u shud explore... but its black and grey is so in..

and funny i did suggest a change to loose fitting jeans.LOL!!!

heheheh those r just my 2 cents..take it or leave it but on a more personal note.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! its a new start to a heavyweight fashionita!!

ERman said...

U know what?? yes..been thinking about that too. It really is bugging me seeing all those pants folded nicely in my wardrobe not being worn for the past half year. Lol. Need to explore my inner GQ.

bradley mendoza said...

im in search of those checkered/plaid pants.. been searching ups and downs..theres one in ZARA from last season but they'r out of stock...

wht do u think ..super skimpy/ super tight mesh top with plaid pants with oxford shoes in white... throw in a multicoloured checkered scarf!!

i know wht u can pull.... try white tank with grey blazer..arm folded..paired with white pin striped short pants with matching shoes...