Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, 15th Junya Watanabe

Today's inspiration is from Junya Watanabe Fall 2008. It was a very smart preppy-college look with striped blazer jacket but keeping it casual with a faded rolled-up blue jeans and a sneak of argyle high socks..

"There was a sense of a buttoned-down-fit-to-burst individual in outfits as tense as a shrunken navy jacket worn with a shirt in a banker's stripe and a college tie. It was very Thom Browne-does-Tokyo. But equally, the clothes had a twisted preppiness that was the latest expression of the merry hell Junya plays with American dress codes. So glen plaid slacks boasted carpenter's loops, and a blazer sported the sleeves of a baseball jacket." -Tim Blanks GQ.

It's Monday. Started the week wearing a little formal 2 buttons blue jacket by Levi's with red lining and red stitches that it looks really cool if worn over a contrast white shirt with pleated details on the front chest. Paired down with loose fitted faded blue jeans also by Levi's with rolled-up cuff showing an argyle print high socks. Never really like the rolled-up style since I dont have the longest pair of legs and it makes your shoes kind of 'vulnerable' unless you really have a great pair of shoes that you want to show in this case my wine colored Oxford shoes by Michael Antonio. I'm starting to like the nonchalant feel of it though. Bright red silk tie tied conservatively and a simple black top hat. A vintage leather bag is always a good accessorize to complete the preppy-college look.



bradley mendoza said...

MANNN!! where in the world did u get ur hands on the jacket... its so fab fag!!!!

i think noone can pull tht look fierce!

ERman said...

Lol. Thanks BFF. I know. that jacket is fab on it`s own.

Dominica said...

very chique !
Indeed, the jacket is to die for !
Love the hat, I'm gonna read all your older posts...:-O

ERman said...


Anonymous said...

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Jeff said...

MANNN!! where in the world did u get ur hands on the jacket... its so fab fag!!!!
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