Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday ,13th John Galliano/ Gucci

Today`s inspirations are both from John Galliano Fall 2008 runway and Gucci Fall 2008 runway show . Forget the berret, it`s so Galliano but in love with fur-trimmed gray knitwear worn loosely by the model at the left. Keeping the monotonous fall color, the knit wrap was worn with brown-ish button up sweater and gray loose pants with details on the knees. Gucci on the right is a long coat with shiny fur-trimmed around the collar, worn with more formal gray pants, same color button up shirt and patent boots. It gives a mysterious yet chic feel at the same time. Very European.

It was raining and windy outside. I was wearing a knitted fur-trimmed long outer coat/wrap by Agate, note the cap sleeves that give it a couture/space age effect on the total look. Worn with gray crisp shirt and pants both from Zara, black vest from Topshop and silver leather tie that I found at Hanjiro. Studded bag is from Zara. It`s a little couture, even for me. But I love the total look and definitely will wear the total look again.



Zita said...

love this outfit.. well all of your outfits actually. Just found your site & I love the way you take inspiration from designer looks and make them your own

ERman said...

Owh great Zita. You have a fashion blog too.. definitely going to visit.

Lagadema said...

hellooo....really adorable of u...want it too.... really admire u darlz..all those lines of clothes..very d Upper East side of

Adie Waridi said...

hai there..just saw n read ur nice..since i also love fashion so ur blog will be definitely a must read blog for me..huhuhu all ur outfits

ERman said...

Well..thanks Adie.

Anonymous said...

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