Thursday, December 18, 2008

VMAN Ford model search

The four finalists of the VMAN Ford Model Search take a second with photographer JD Ferguson. Stay tuned for news of the winner and a glimpse of the cover story for VMAN13!

Photography by JD Ferguson.

Michael, 16. , Illinois

Jake, 16, Ohio

CJ, 16 Virginia

Aiden, 20, New York

Who's going to win? Gentle readers..tell me!



Freddy Style said...

i think jake 16,he is cute
u re branded guy^^
i love ur style^^

Zafiruddin said...

I think Aiden is gonna win! He has mathias-ish look.non-chalant yet epensive. Very high fashion.

ERman said...

Haha..Lemme give u guys my un-bias pick.

My pick is..*drumroll...

Jake from Ohio.

Well..let me say..I`ve been browsing a lot of men`s runway show for the past years..and he could fit in any runways easily.

Endoru said...

Jake or CJ guar.
The only two that looks healthy. *haha*

bradley mendoza said...

Jake or CJ..nuff said